Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program

Recognizing that transformation of our young clients’ lives requires much more than a safe shelter and therapy, we expanded our services to address our boys’ long-range needs  to develop the skills and capabilities necessary to become self- sufficient,  productive members of the community.   We know that the kind of adulthood our boys achieve depends on the experiences we provide them today.  In order to facilitate positive community involvement, we partner with other organizations to involve our boys in a wide range of learning and enrichment activities.

Because our clients have experienced severe emotional trauma, our Youth Development Coordinator and treatment team provide one-on-one support to each boy and work with the coaches, mentors and staff of partnering organizations to ensure the boys successfully meet new challenges these opportunities may present.

YSN staff track and carefully monitor our clients in the following areas: emotional and physical health; behavior at home, school and community; academic performance; development of positive coping skills; acquisition of independent living skills, and progress towards goals to support long term permanency.  Confidential client satisfaction surveys obtain ongoing feedback from youth.  Quarterly and annual reports are provided to stakeholders to demonstrate the effectiveness of the work we do and for continuous quality improvement.

YDP is a program that is always evolving as each boy presents unique interests and talents, attributes, and challenges.  We continually forge new relationships with community partners to bring a rich variety of “life changing” experiences to every boy in our care.

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