Programs and Services

Programs & Services

A wide variety of services is necessary to address the complex emotional, behavioral, social and academic challenges each of our boys face.  We provide mental health treatment, including psychological and psychiatric assessment;  medication management; individual, group and family therapy; specialized counseling for substance abuse, social skills development, and anger management; academic advocacy, remediation and tutoring;  independent living skills development;  vocational and employment services; family finding support services; mentoring;  and a wide range of recreational, cultural, and educational community-based activities.

Our  Youth Development Program provides the kinds of enrichment and learning activities children in traditional family settings are likely to have and which are necessary for the development of healthy self-esteem and positive goals.   These include many social, cultural, creative and recreational activities, wellness and healthy lifestyle training, vocational apprenticeships, volunteerism, mentoring, college and career preparedness, independent living skills development, and other activities to promote personal development.  Through their participation in these community based activities, we see boys overcome emotional and social challenges, acquire practical skills, explore and develop personal talents and aptitudes, and make positive connections in the community.  These are the “life changing” experiences that are the building blocks for self-sufficient and productive adulthood.

Family Finding Program

Many of our boys have either not been able to maintain a positive connection with family members or have lost contact with them.  Our staff, utilizing internet database searches and working with county, state and national officials, assists these boys to locate immediate or extended family members wherever they may be.  Once a family member is located, we help establish contact between the boy and his relative, supporting the boy and family member through a sometimes difficult process which can lead to meetings, extended visits, and ultimately reunification or permanent placement. These connections often develop into loving, long term relationships that help our boys achieve the permanency, stability, and sense of belonging that only family can provide.

Mentoring Program

Many YSN “graduates” maintain contact with us.  Our “Alumni Association” members serve as positive role models and mentors to our boys, providing the understanding, guidance and positive role model only a former foster youth can bring. 

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