Officers and Board Members

Officers and Board Members


BARRY MORGANSTERN, Managing Partner, Tarkus Capitol, LLC

Barry Morganstern is a Certified Public Accountant and co-founder of Tarkus Capital, LLC.  He has been involved in the commercial financing industry for over 20 years and has served on the Boards of several non-profit agencies serving children and families in the San Fernando Valley.


RICK KAISER, Retired Banking Executive

Rick Kaiser has a long career in commercial banking as vice president and commercial loan officer for national corporations including Fortune 500 corporations, the aerospace industry, and middle-market businesses in the Los Angeles area.  For over 10 years he served as member, and then President, of the Board of Directors at a large nonprofit agency serving at-risk youth and their families in the San Fernando Valley.


SANDY LULOW, Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist

Sandy is recently retired from a school district where she worked as a special education teacher, speech pathologist and district administrator, serving youth with emotional, behavioral and academic challenges. She has a special interest in supporting at-risk adolescents transition successfully to adult life. Sandy maintains a private practice in Ventura County.


NATALIE MADRIZ , Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Natalie is a licensed clinical social worker with over 10 years of experience in social services, juvenile justice, and mental health. She maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, and currently works as a court liaison for LA County Department of Mental Health, specializing in youth and forensic populations.


JOEL GOINGS, Vice President at Wells Fargo-Wholesale Business Banking

Joel is Vice President at Wells Fargo-Wholesale Business Banking, covering North Los Angeles County. His commitment is to synergistically leverage his professional contacts and community outreach activities to support and help expand the Youth Development Program.



Frank Cowen is now retired from a long career as supervising investigator in the Los Angeles County Superior Court and and Department of Social Services, for conservatorship and probate issues involving at-risk children and families throughout California.  He has been a guest lecturer and trainer, and served on liaison boards of social service, mental health, and law enforcement agencies.


JULI JORDAN, Executive Producer, Gridiron Celebrity Hoops and CEO, JamSports

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