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About Youth Services Network

Our boys reside with us because they are unable at this time to live with family members.  They often have few or no other resources on which they can rely.  Our goal is to help them achieve  permanency , whether it is reunification with family, placement with extended family members, foster care or adoption, or, at age 18, transitional housing programs.  These boys typically will not have the resources and support most young people rely on as they work towards independence and self-sufficiency.   Our focus is to provide whatever each of our boys needs to overcome the challenges he faces and to acquire the skills and capabilities necessary to become a self-sustaining, productive adult.   These services include:  mental health assessment and treatment, individual, group and family counseling, school advocacy and tutoring, specialized interventions for substance abuse and behavioral problems,  independent living skills training and many opportunities for recreational, cultural, volunteer and employment activities in the community.  It takes the skills and commitment of our well- trained and motivated professional team and a wide range of services to meet the needs of individual boys and to truly transform their lives in lasting ways.

Since 1985, YSN has provided a comprehensive treatment program for boys in three residential homes located in safe, secure neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley.  We serve a diverse population of adolescent and young adult males who have suffered the trauma of abuse, neglect or abandonment.  They come from across Los Angeles County and are referred to our care by the Department of Children and Family Services.

YSN Stakeholders Report 2015
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